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Questions to Ask Your Eye Care Professional

Thinking of having an eye exam? Knowing what to expect and what sort of questions to ask may help you get the most out of a consultation with your eye care professional.


Are you or your child having trouble seeing distant objects clearly such as the TV screen or the blackboard in school? It could be nearsightedness. Perhaps it's time to speak with your eye care professional. Call for an appointment today.


Struggling to see nearby objects clearly? You may be experiencing symptoms of farsightedness. Have a checkup and let your eye care professional know.


Like many people, you may have been born with astigmatism.

But did you know it can get worse with age? Both contacts and eyeglasses can correct your vision, as can refractive surgery such as LASIK or PRK. Ask your eye care professional to walk you through your options.


Typically starts after you reach your 40s, and causes difficulty in seeing close-up objects or text without reading glasses (aka "cheaters") or contact lenses.


Are cataracts interfering with daily activities? Are you considering surgery? You may want to speak with your eye care professional about the intraocular lens (IOL) options. Not only can they restore vision lost due to cataracts but can correct other eye conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia. Get the conversation started today.


What causes glaucoma? Which treatment is right for you? Could you lose your vision? What can you do to help improve your outcome? These are all great questions to bring up with your eye care professional.

Call for an appointment today.


Dry Eye is a condition caused by changes in either the quantity or quality of your tears, which can cause discomfort. Don't suffer. Make an appointment for an eye exam and let your eye care professional tell you about the treatment options.


Allergies can cause red, itchy, watery eyes. If you think you may have eye allergies, bring it up with your eye care professional. He or she might have the right answer for you.


There are many different kinds of contact lenses. Which is right for you? Ask your eye care professional. Make an appointment today.


Did you know that improper contact lens care can lead to a variety of eye infections, including some that cause vision loss? Be sure to discuss proper care with your eye care professional.