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Steps you can Take to Help Combat Digital Eyestrain

If computer screens and digital devices are proving a pain in your eyes, following are tips that could help ease your symptoms.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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Glaucoma Can Cause Loss of Vision and Eventually Blindness if Not Adequately Treated

Find out if you are at risk for glaucoma and questions to ask your doctor.

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Could Computers be the Source of Your Eyestrain?

Follow the “20-20-20 rule” to help ease eyestrain and fatigue caused by extended screen time.

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Glaucoma Related Blindness Nearly Halved with Help of Early Detection and Treatment

Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma may have played a key role in reducing the incidence of glaucoma related blindness.

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Is Mobile Device Use Causing Nearsightedness in Children?

With many children using mobile devices some doctors are seeing an increased number of children diagnosed with nearsightedness.

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Knowing the Risk Factors For Glaucoma and the Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Glaucoma can often go unnoticed, so it’s important to understand the risks for getting the disease and the critical need for early detection.

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Causes of Conjunctivitis or “Pink Eye” and How to Treat it

Learn what causes pink eye, a common eye condition that affects both children and adults

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