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Visual Impairment

Did you know that 80 percent of all vision problems could be treated, prevented or cured?

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Maintaining Good Eye Health

Many eye health and vision problems occur naturally with age and with no obvious signs or symptoms. The most important way to prevent eye health issues from becoming unmanageable is by scheduling regular exams with your eye doctor. More than 80 percent of all visual impairment is treatable, preventable or curable, so early diagnosis and care are critical.1

In addition to regular eye exams, the following habits can help maintain healthy eyes and vision:

  • Always replace contact lenses as recommended
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly before touching eyes or inserting and removing contact lenses
  • Protect your eyes in the workplace, during recreation and at home
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  • Consider taking nutritional supplements
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
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Eye Care Professional

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Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologist:
Medical or osteopathic doctors (M.D.s or D.O.s) diagnose and treat eye diseases, prescribe medications and corrective lenses, and perform eye surgery.
or Optometrist? Optometrist:
Eye doctors (O.D.s) examine eyes for vision and health problems. They may prescribe corrective lenses, and in some states, they can prescribe medications and perform some eye care procedures.

What 20/20 Vision Means

Do you know what this common term really means?


1. World Health Organization, Visual impairment and blindness, Accessed September 18, 2012.