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Preparing for Your Eye Exam

There are simple yet important ways to prepare for your eye exam.

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Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam includes a review of your medical history, a series of vision tests and an evaluation of your eye health. While you should always contact your eye doctor when your vision changes, it’s also important to have regular eye exams.

Many eye conditions and diseases may not have obvious signs and symptoms, increasing the importance of early detection. In fact, approximately 80 percent of blindness is avoidable (preventable or curable). Eye doctors can be the first health care providers to detect chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Eye Care Professional

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Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologist:
Medical or osteopathic doctors (M.D.s or D.O.s) diagnose and treat eye diseases, prescribe medications and corrective lenses, and perform eye surgery.
or Optometrist? Optometrist:
Eye doctors (O.D.s) examine eyes for vision and health problems. They may prescribe corrective lenses, and in some states, they can prescribe medications and perform some eye care procedures.

Eye Exam Results

Learn what to do with your exam results.

Understanding Your Prescription

Learn what the numbers on your prescription mean.