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Just the Facts About Cataracts


As we age, the lenses in our eyes become cloudy, obscuring our vision. That’s what the folks in the lab coats call cataracts — and it’s a common phenomenon.


affect more than

20.5 million

Americans over 401

of Americans have cataracts or have had them removed by age 802

So how can you tell if


have cataracts?

It’s a gradual process, so you may not notice any symptoms until
the cataract is severe enough to distort light as it enters your eye.3
Here are some signs that you might have cataracts:

  • Cloudy, blurry or dim vision3
  • Increasing difficulty with night vision3
  • Sensitivity to light and glare3
  • Seeing rings around lights3
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription3
  • Fading or yellowing of colors3
  • Double vision in a single eye3

Surgery Removes Cataracts

Cataracts aren’t preventable. But here’s the good news:

cataract surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year4

That makes
it one of the
most common

According to a telephone Survey of 1,000 Randomly Selected AARP Members:5

of patients say cataract removal
surgery addressed all or most of the
problems they experienced beforehand

said they were less dependent
on glasses for distance vision
after surgery

were pleasantly surprised
by the improvement they
experienced with their vision

said they can read better
(with or without glasses)
after surgery

said cataract surgery made it easier to drive

said they can
see distant road
signs better

DON'T live life in the dark
of people over 50
say independence is “extremely important”
of people over 50 say
they want to overcome

their cataracts in order to
better enjoy daily activities

of people over 50 drive,
and most say they’d miss
being behind the wheel more
than anything else as their
eyesight diminished

of those surveyed drive every day

of those surveyed drive at night

people with cataracts plan to have surgery in the next two years

of cataract patients
put off surgery
because their vision
is “fine for now”

of cataract patients
say they are “fearful,”
or “afraid”
of surgery

but the truth is:

people who underwent
cataract surgery said the
experience was easier
than they expected


said they’d definitely
recommend cataract
surgery to their
friends and family

of cataract surgery
patients in the
U.S. experienced
improvements in
their vision6

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